RCIA "First Scrutiny"

March 27th at the 8:45 Mass, we will celebrate the “First Scrutiny” for the catechumens who are preparing for initiation at the Easter Vigil. Two more scruitinies will follow on successive Sundays. The scrutinies are also called by the more exotic name, “major exorcisms”. As such, they are among the most ancient prayers in the Christian liturgical tradition. Today we continue to celebrate these powerful rituals, convinced that those about to enter into covenant with God in Christ stand in need of our prayers for deliverance and protection.

Just as our entire community is called to journey with the catechumens and candidates throughout the Lenten season, we recognize the need we all share for freedom from evil and its effects.

We urge you to prepare for the celebration of the scrutinies in a personal way by discerning what it is in your own life that needs to be freed from sin’s bondage. (Name that quality and write it on a woes swatch and place in the net at the foot of the altar). Join in spirit with all in our community who turn to Jesus for freedom from sin and protection from all evil.